"With the help of Danielle and Rosalie, I feel a little more feminine, a little more beautiful and have a lot more confidence in how I look. They are both very caring and very professional. The Electrolysis center is a very clean and warm environment. They have shown me that I can be the woman that I always wanted to be. Don't wait too long to feel better about yourself. You're worth it!"


"Danielle and Rosalie at the Electrolysis Center have made a huge difference in my life as well as my teenage daughters. I have had electrolysis treatments since the age of 14 for various areas of the face and body. I continue to go for touchups and for new growth due to hormone changes, etc. This treatment regime definitely works for permanent removal of hair, however all technicians are not created equal. I have been to multiple electrolysis locations over the years, and this center by far has given the most gentle and effective treatments. I and my daughters fully trust them with any area. We have never experienced any scaring or unpleasant side effects. They offer an intimate and comfortable setting and they are always accommodating, warm, and friendly."

-Patty B., Malvern, PA, age 46

"I always wished I was born "perfect", but, was quickly aware that did not happen. I realized I needed "assistance" achieving my forever goal. The Electrolysis Center offers me quality work in a peaceful setting and when you are exposing your "vulnerabilities" you want to be in an embracing environment!"


"The staff at the Electrolysis Center is very professional and has made me feel very comfortable. Before I started receiving treatment, I felt very ashamed and embarrassed about my unwanted hair for so many years. They have helped to make me feel more beautiful, and I’m very grateful for their help. I only wish that I started going to them sooner!"


"After failed attempts with laser hair removal, I heard that electrolysis will permenantly kill the hair root and decided to try it. I have been going to The Electrolysis Center for over a year now. Prior to seeing Danielle, I was embarrassed about my hair growth and had to "touch up" once a week at home. I started with once per week visits until I noticed a dramatic change; so much so that I was able to schedule my appointments bi-monthly after a few months. Danielle was able to kill my roots enough that I no longer have to "touch up" on my own. Facial hair is such an ambarrassment for women but thankfully, after visits to the Electrolysis Center, I now feel comfortable in my own skin.

-Nicole, Collegeville PA